The Beauty of the Bosphorus

When the view embraces the Bosphorus you receive a cupid’s crush that intoxicates you in its journey, highlighting the mysterious Kız Kulesi or Leander Tower on a small island between Europe and Asia and the silhouettes of magnificent Palaces and Mosques.

To understand the immensity and beauty of Istanbul, take a boat trip and dream of myths and legends because by day Istanbul is wonderful, but night falls and charm is sublime.

Today there are three bridges, a subway highway and a metro line connecting the two continents.

The first bridge (the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge) was put into service in 1973. 

The second bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) was completed in 1988. 

The last bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) was opened in 2016.  

There are two distinct special activities on the Bosphorus line. The first is the marathon run in November. Starting in the Sultanahmet area (the first bridge), the 40 km course is completed by crossing to the Asian side. 

The other activity is the swimming race, which has been organized for years in the last week of August. The swimming race starts on the European side and ends on the Asian side. 

If you come to Istanbul, you can enjoy the history and importance of this beautiful place with a private boat tour accompanied by a guide.

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